Angelim Vermelho

Dinizia excels Duck

angelim (AM, PA) – angelim-falso (PA) – angelim-ferro – dinízia-parda – faveira-dura (PA) – faveira-ferro

General Characteristics: heartwood light reddish brown, slightly distinct from the reddish gray sapwood. Distinct growth rings, grain interlocked, texture medium, luster medium and disagreeable odor.
Density: heavy wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 990 kg/m3 and green density of 1260 kg/m3.
Drying: kiln-dries rapidly, with a moderate tendency for medium twisting and slight collapse.
Workability: plane: regular to work, very bad finishing; turn: easy to work, excellent finishing; bore: regular to work, regular finishing.
Durability: very good resistance to fungi and termites and good resistance to dry-wood insects.
Preservation: heartwood not treatable with creosote and CCA-A, even with pressure-vacuum systems.
Uses: civil and naval construction, railroads crossties, posts, turnery and others.