Cedrela sp.

General Characteristics: Light wood; core changing from dark pinkish-beige or light pinkish-brown, more or less intense, to brownish-red; thick texture; straight or lightly wavy grain, shiny surface with golden reflexes; characteristic smell, pleasant, intense in some samples, almost absent in others; lightly bitter taste.
Natural Durability: Cedar wood is considered moderately resistant to attack by the xylophages organisms, according to practical observation about its use.
Preservation Treatment: Cedar wood, treated under pressure in laboratory trial, demonstrated low permeability to preserving solutions.
Density: Light wood, with density at 15% moisture content of 560 kg/m3.
Main Uses: Cedar wood, because it present low linear and volumetric retractability, mechanical properties between low and medium, is especially indicated for the internal parts of the fine furniture, veneer, decorative packaging, picture frames, casting models, sculpting, office articles, musical instruments; in buildings for Venetian blinds, baseboards, edging, ceilings, wainscoting, in naval construction, for interior finishing, hulls of light vessels, broomsticks, etc. Cedar wood is considered, in the light wood classification, the wood with the most varied and diversified use and is only surpassed by Pinho-do-Paraná – Araucaria augustifolia (Ben) O. Kuntze.