Amburana Cearensis

General Characteristics: Moderately heavy wood; core yellowish-beige, uniform, exceptionally showing some darker streaks, alburnum hardly differentiated from the core; grain: from straight to irregular, surface irregularly polished and averagely smooth to the touch, strong smell, peculiar pleasant, reminding vanilla; lightly sweet taste.
Natural Durability: Amburana or Cherry wood, in conditions favorable to decay, is considered of low resistance to the attack of the xylophages organisms, according to practical observation about its use.
Density: Moderately heavy wood, with density at 15% moisture content of 600 kg/m3.
Main Uses: Amburana or Cherry wood, because it presents a pleasant aspect and low rentability, mechanical resistant between low and medium, is indicated for the manufacturing of fine furniture, decorative veneers, sculptures, barrel making, interior finishing, wainscoting, etc.