Eucalyptus grandis W. Hill ex Maiden.

General Characteristics: heartwood and sapwood distinct in color, rosy light brown heartwood, pale beige sapwood; little luster; imperceptible odor and taste; low density; straight grain; fine to medium texture.
Density: apparant density wood, with density at 15% moisture content of 500 kg/m3.
Drying: in general, all eucalypt woods are considered of difficult drying, prone to defectes such as collapse, warp and splitting. Kiln drying gives satisfactory results when low temperatures and high humidity are used during the drying process. Combined air and kiln drying are advised and have shown to give good results.
Workability: excellent for sawnwood production; requires adequate sawing techniques to reduce the effects of growth stresses. Good planing characteristics, good results are obtained in turning, sanding, boring and finishing. Easy to paint and varnish.
Durability: moderately durable to the attack of decay fungi and termites. Non-durable to soft rot and soil termites.
Uses: structural construction (light load-bearing, sharing components), utility construction (ceilings, wall paneling), furniture, plywood, decorative veneer, packaging.