Tabebuia spp.

Ipê-amarelo – ipê-do-cerrado – ipeúva – pau-d’arco – pau-d’arco-amarelo (PA) – peúva – bethabara – lapacho

General Characteristics: heartwood dark brownish olive to dark olive, generally uniform, sometimes greenish due to lapachol, distinct from the pale yellow sapwood. Grain interlocked, texture medium, luster moderate or lacking depending on the species, characteristic odor and not distinctive taste.
Density: heavy wood, with density at 12% moisture content at 1050 kg/m3 and green density of 1300 kg/m3.
Drying: air-dries easily. Dries rapidly and without defects when piled up. Kiln-drying is easy and rapid, with only slight warping and checking.
Workability: regular in planning, good in sanding and excellent in turning and boring. Previous boring before nailing and screwing is advisable. It finishes well.
Durability: highly resistant against fungi and termites.
Preservation: the obstruction of pores, by oil-resin and tylosis, makes the wood impermeable to preservative solutions., even with pressure-vacuum systems.
Uses: interior constructions, musical instruments, doors, window framings and others.