Couratari spp.

Imbirema – Tauari-amarelo – tauari-morrão – estopeiro (PA) – mahot

General Characteristics: indistinct heartwood and sapwood yellowish white to light yellowish brown. Slightly distinct growth rings, grain straight, texture medium, luster moderate, slight odor and slight bitter taste.
Density: light or medium density wood, according to the species, with density at 12% moisture content of 590 kg/m3 and green density of approximately 1100 kg/m3.
Drying: kiln-dries very rapidly and usually without significative defects.
Workability: easy to work, giving a smooth surface. Glues well.
Durability: some species are prone to attack by blue-stain fungi and must be used dry and protected from humidity and insects.
Preservation: very easy to be preserved with creosote and CCA-A, with pressure-vacuum systems.
Uses: civil and naval construction, furniture, decorative articles, household utensils, toys, musical instruments, boxes, crates, packaging, curved pieces, cabinet work, sliced veneers, plywood and others.