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Discover a seamless solution for your business needs with our comprehensive range of services. From sourcing top-quality products to providing reliable financing options, ensuring stringent quality assurance standards, and managing hassle-free shipping logistics, we offer a one-stop platform to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. Learn more about how our expertise can elevate your business success below.

Product Sourcing

Our product sourcing services at IBI International AB encompass a meticulous process of identifying and securing quality building materials, including wood products, plywood, doors, tiles, and more. Our distinctive strength lies in our ability to tailor our sourcing approach to meet the unique requirements of each inquiry.

From procurement to delivery, we oversee every stage, ensuring a seamless and reliable process. Leveraging our extensive network, we guarantee the procurement of products for our clients worldwide, meeting their specific requirements and standards.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our operations at IBI International AB. We meticulously inspect and validate every product in our portfolio. Our dedicated team ensures that all sourced products meet the highest standards and specifications.

From initial procurement to final delivery, our commitment to quality assurance guarantees customer satisfaction and builds trust in our products and services.



Our shipping services are tailored for seamless and efficient logistics, and what sets us apart is our end-to-end control over the supply chain. We manage the entire process, from coordinating inspections to booking freight and overseeing timely deliveries. With collaborative efforts across our international offices and partner networks, we ensure reliable and secure shipping for our diverse range of building materials, serving clients in over 60 countries.

Count on us for a streamlined shipping experience that meets your deadlines and specifications.


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We understand the importance of facilitating smooth transactions for our clients. Our financing solutions are designed to support your procurement needs, providing flexible and tailored options.

We work closely with our partners to ensure a secure and efficient financing process. Trust us to provide comprehensive financial support that aligns with your business requirements, contributing to a successful and hassle-free experience.

Sustainable Forest Management.
How is it done?

A sustainable and socially responsible forestry business based on legal and controlled concessions will provide long term benefits both for climate, environment and local communities. Click here to learn more about how our company practices sustainable forestry.

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